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No walks currently due to the lockdown. However, if anyone wishes to offer a walk for the future when circumstances allow then please contact Mo (if you know her phone number), or use the contact us page.

About Us

The Surrey Heath Group was formed in 1995 and now has about 300 members. It is part of Ramblers' Association, one of 16 groups in Surrey.

We arrange a programme of attractive and varied walks within an area that is centred on Surrey Heath Borough in the north west corner of Surrey. There are usually two walks each week, one mid-week and one at the weekend.

The most popular walks are 5 to 6 miles which we complete in 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the terrain. Longer walks of 9 or 10 miles feature regularly, shorter ones occasionally. The walks give those taking part an opportunity to enjoy the flora and fauna of the countryside as well as find out about points of interest along the way. It is our aim to make the walk an enjoyable experience for all concerned. The friendliness of our group is the comment most often made by visitors.

As well as the walks programme we arrange occasional social activities such as a summer barbecue and a Christmas dinner.

We arrange group walking holidays for those who wish to participate. These have been in both the UK and Europe. Typically they are arranged through an established walking holiday enterprise who have experience in the area we wish to visit. We either make a group booking or coordinate individual bookings.

As well as walking, we help to ensure that our area's footpaths are clear and maintained usually having a couple of "work parties" a year.

There is no charge for joining one of our normal walks, your membership of the Ramblers' Association covers the group's overheads and entitles you to participate in as many, or as few, walks as you wish. Visitors are welcome to try out walking with our group for a few walks without any charge, more than that and we would expect that you join the Ramblers.

Members of the group receive a Newsletter and a printed copy of the walks programme.

Centred, as we are, on the borders of Surrey, Hampshire and Berkshire our walks feature locations in all these counties

About The Ramblers

The Ramblers' Association exists to facilitate, for the benefit of everyone, the enjoyment and discovery that walking outdoors can bring; and to promote respect for the life of the countryside.

There are numerous local Ramblers' groups, of which we are one. Each group serves its locality, or in some cases a particular interest. Members are welcome to join the walks of any group. Details of other walking groups in Surrey can be found here or nationally here (these links will open in a new window or tab).

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